Patients first

Our service is the care of others and our primary duty is to safety. We try to focus relentlessly on improving safety and eliminating harm and we work with our patients as partners to achieve this. Kindness is a vital part of the service we provide and the care and compassion we show to patients is as important to them as the clinical treatments we offer. The manner in which we organise our services is key to the way they are experienced. So we will develop the concept of “administrative care” to describe the importance of improving our processes so that we keep to appointment times, provide information and support families and carers along the patient’s journey.

All patients are equally important. From broken bones to bone marrow transplants, our values are universal and we aim to provide every service to a standard that exceeds expectations.

We will only do the things that add value to the patient and stop doing everything else. Where patients would be better served if another organisation looked after them, we will stop providing services and allow others to step in.