Always improving

This is about being restless. Our mission is to be better every day and this means we ask difficult questions to solve our problems and achieve the improvement we seek.

We aim to be honest and open. Healthcare across the world is not as safe or reliable as it could be and, like every other hospital, things sometimes go wrong. We try to always be honest about this, particularly with patients and their families. We will publish as much information as we can about our outcomes, incidents and trends, because we believe that this drives improvement.

Research is an integral part of our mission to constantly improve and be able to offer better care to patients. We see research as fundamental to everything we do and embedded in the delivery of care. Our vision is to develop the research capability of our hospital to its full strength in order to make things better for our patients.

By always improving our systems and techniques, and by offering personal and professional development to our staff, we demonstrate our determination to create a better future for our patients.