Leading the way in the digital world

Adrian Byrne, director of informatics

It’s not just in the clinical world that UHS is making its mark. We’re also leading the way when it comes to the digital world.

Many believe that the answer to expertly managing the growing demand and resulting financial pressures that the NHS is facing today is with the application of intelligent informatics. And now as a Digital Centre of Excellence (awarded in 2016) we’re raising the game and tackling this challenge head on.

An example of a way in which we’re using digital technology to deliver a patient-centric service, reduce waiting times and save valuable funds is with our pioneering personal health records programme, My Medical Record. A system designed to improve accessibility to medical information, increase the flexibility of communication with clinicians and allow patients more independence. Since its implementation in key specialist areas we have experienced a reduction in the need for hospital appointments, admissions and readmissions, while actually increasing a patient’s access to their specialist team.

The creation of this system required a leap of faith from the Board, as well as an investment of both money and time. It needed everyone to see the opportunities that the system presented. And it required the support of the clinical staff to understand how this system could work in practice and to help the informatics team to build it.  

At UHS, we’re not afraid to be pioneers. In fact, we thrive on it. We’re not reckless, it’s always a considered risk, but where we genuinely believe we can deliver something evolutionary or revolutionary, more often than not we go for it. But we go for it together. 

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