A career in informatics

Whether you're looking to get into a career in IT or you already have some great experience and you're looking for a new challenge, UHS is a fantastic place to build a career in health informatics.


We put effective, efficient and innovative technology and information management systems at the heart of everything we do at UHS, as we recognise that these tools help us to provide better healthcare. In recognition of the projects we have already undertaken, we are extremely proud to have been awarded the status of being a global centre of digital excellence.


To ensure we continue to improve our IMT infrastructure, we are currently leading an exciting programme to become paperless as a digital exemplar trust.


Our projects have been grouped into eight streams: 

  • Moving beyond records to full paperless workflow and no casenotes

  • Enhanced prescribing with positive tie up between wrist bands and the medication given

  • Decision support - bringing together different datasets to monitor new information and trigger relevant clinical events

  • Device integration and wearable technology

  • Further developing and growing the successful digital patient programme my medical record, which now has in excess of 4,500 users

  • Taking digital imaging beyond X-rays and into the ‘ologies, photography and histopathology

  • Enabling the workforce by delivering new communication tools in the form of messaging that can be linked to workflow and the record - a WhatsApp for clinical use that can be used on people’s own phones and tablets

  • Updating infrastructure and bringing in new types of mobile and touch screen technology. 

We’re always looking for talented, experienced and passionate people to join our award winning informatics team, delivering comprehensive information management and IT services, essential in effectively operating our Trust.


Informatics at UHS is split into several areas:


Information services department

Supports a wide range of organisational and individual user data, and manages information requirements for income reporting and performance monitoring.  


Information technology department

Provides support for all aspects of information technology across numerous systems, supports access to external services, and provides PC, server and networking support.   


IT development department

Delivers specialist technical support for the Trust's core IT applications, development of IT systems and works to enable many of the Trust's systems to work together and share information. 


Electronic patient record (EPR) department

Develops, delivers and supports the clinical systems and technologies which make up the electronic patient record.


Clinical coding

Translates medical terminology from patients’ medical record into classification codes to be used in statistical analysis.


Information governance

Ensures all aspects of information processing and handling is dealt with legally, securely and efficiently. Also includes managing compliance with data protection and freedom of information obligations.



The first point of contact for all external callers, this team manages our bleep system as well as our GP emergency admission line and patient admissions, discharge and transfer services.


Health records service

Based at Nursling industrial estate, our service is a modern library facility which primarily deals with the management and distribution of health records.


We use a mix of technologies including FHIR, Python, ASP.Net, C#, Oracle, SQL Server, SQL, HTML5 and CSS. We have roles for people experienced in telecommunications infrastructure, providing first, second and third line support, network engineers, developers, analysts, project managers and more.


If you’re ready to join the team, take a look at our current vacancies or get in touch with our recruitment team at recruitment@uhs.nhs.uk if you have any questions.